Honest Herbal Natural Remedies

Honest Herbal Natural Remedies

Getting excited over new (or renewed) discoveries can give some people a bit too much of a push that sends them over the edge with exaggerated claims. I’m not one to buy into gimmicks and claims with an ‘Us vs. Them’ approach, its insulting to consumers. Many folks in the natural path for healing are already tired of the outlandish claims of a lot of the Western Medicine world as it is, we don’t need to see it in the natural paths of healing.

Approaching health with integrity and honesty is beneficial to everyone, especially to those who are workers of healing. We need to put down the competition and have honesty about natural remedies.

Bulk Apothecary created this informative graphic that I found refreshing. While herbs and herbal-oil infusions were used centuries ago, the distillation process we have today didn’t come until many years later. Some essential oil enthusiasts may exaggerate with claims of essential oils being used in ancient years. The kind of essential oils we have today didn’t come until the distillation process was invented. Infused oils and tinctures were made prior to that and remain popular for home remedies today. More women are learning to make their own tinctures for home use.

Many world religions have used herbs, oils, and incense in their spiritual practices. Many people believe certain plants have spiritual significance to them and today’s essential oils have been used to enhance spiritual experiences and boost mental health. The making of incense has been around a lot longer than modern essential oils and you can even make your own incense today.

There are critics who dismiss the positive effects of incense and essential oils, but more scientific studies have been proving their health benefits. Ancient spiritual leaders and guides knew the power of using natural fragrances to bring a sense of peace and even raise confidence in warriors before war.  Now, I’m not fond of war so I’ll keep my essential oil uses for healing and I’ll be honest in their health and spiritual benefits.

While most essential oils can be used topically and internally for certain purposes, the spiritual (and mood elevating) use of them is best when combined with good and wise counsel. Lavender is known for calming the mood for most people (without any counsel), but some people have had negative experiences with synthetic fragrances and even the use of essential oils can be uncomfortable for them. The use of natural fragrances with synthetic fragrances have caused a lot of negative health consequences and have ‘contaminated’ the mind’s ability to respond naturally.

I don’t believe that kind of damage is irreversible. Our bodies have an incredible power to heal itself when we take proper care of our health, but we must take holistic steps toward health in order to experience it. Using essential oils is just one of many tools available to us today. Essential oils are definitely in my top 5 list of home health items in our healing hutch. Our bodies respond well to nature and it behooves us to use these gifts of the earth first and foremost before any synthetic recommendations.

I’m not advocating for the complete disassociation from the Western Medical community, but I do believe we have the knowledge available to us in order to be responsible for our own health care whenever possible. There certainly are times when extreme cases of illness and disease need aggressive treatment and surgeries, but at the same time we shouldn’t neglect natural approaches for healing.

We can absolutely continue with the powerful gifts of nature while seeking urgent medical care. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t combine our resources.

If you’ve been raised on unhealthy substances or gotten off track, you can begin making steps toward being a healthier you. A huge part of making the necessary changes is recognizing you need to make better choices, then start making them. It took a lifetime to create illness, it’s going to take time to create health and it can be done. It might seem overwhelming, but beginning the journey to a life of healing is one step at a time. Now, if you want to do a major overhaul all at once you certainly can. Some people have dumped literally everything out of their cupboards and started all over, but that’s just not possible for everyone.

Replacing items in your kitchen can be costly when done all at once and if you’ve developed an addiction to certain products it will take time to cleanse your system. It can be even more difficult for an entire family who has developed such addictions. You may need to take a month or more to completely convince your family to switch to 100% whole wheat bread or to choose fruit infused water over soda. A lot of our healing requires education before we can convince our minds and bodies to start making healthier choices.

Honest natural remedies….a lifestyle of healing…we can do it! This is just a short recap of what we can do and should do to create a healthier future for ourselves and our families:

1. Education: Start educating yourself and your families about proper nutrition and honest to goodness natural remedies.

2. Practice: Start practicing health by giving your bodies what they really need, real food.

3. Build a natural medicine cabinet: Increase your natural remedy supplies and stop buying synthetic items.

4. Create a circle of support: Find others who value your natural path to healing and build on those relationships.

5. Elimination and Replacement: Start eliminating unhealthy substances from your home and replace them with nature based products.

Oh by the way, here’s that nifty info graphic from Bulk Apothecary:




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