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Fall Fashion: Boots


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Who doesn’t love boots in the fall? Boots are the ultimate “effortless” fashion statement since you can throw them on with skinny jeans or pixie pants (my personal favorite) and still look put together.

I’m all about comfort when it comes to boots as well. I won’t buy a pair of boots unless they fit my taste, keep my feet warm, and are extremely comfortable (such as this pair and this pair as well).

Surprisingly, I still get good use out of all my boots out here in Arizona. The late fall and winter months can be particularly chilly in the morning and ballet flats will only get me so far. And since I’m always cold, I often turn to my boots to keep warm. Any item in my closet that’s fashionable and practical is a win in my book!


P.S.- I think I need to start a “Fashion Friday” series of some sort. I probably wouldn’t do it every week but sometimes it’s nice to take a break from the food! I might be feeling this way right now because fall fashion is my favorite.

Even though nutrition is the main focus on this site, if you know me then you know I have many other interests (particularly fashion, drawing, and interior design). I think it might be nice to highlight some of my other hobbies on here more often. What do you guys think?



Get the look:

J.Crew Boots · Madewell Boots · Jessica Simpson Boots

Sweater Weather


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Has anyone else had the song “Sweater Weather” by The Neighborhood on repeat lately? Well, yesterday it was my theme song of the day. The temperatures dropped nearly 30 degrees overnight. This is common in parts of the country where the weather fluctuates, but not here. Temperatures generally consistently decline in the desert, so it was a shock to the system when this happened.

Once I overcame the initial surprise, I was excited for the opportunity to finally wear some of the fall sweaters I’ve been hoarding storing in my closet all year. 

I’m loving the classic chunky sweater styles. The different patterns and textures that are in stores this year like this Merino Scarf Sweater are amazing. I adore the detail on the back of this Aida Cowlneck Sweater and the elbow-patches on this sweater.

No matter where I live or what the climate is like, one this is consistent: I am always cold and always make good use of my sweaters and coats!


 What is your go-to look when the temperatures cool off?

Get the look:

J.Crew Crewnecks & Scoopnecks · J.Crew Sweaters · Madewell Cardigans

Return to Neutrals


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Ok, timeout for a second. I know the main focus of my blog is food, but I would be lying to you if I told you that was the only area of interest in my life. I have always loved fashion and I would rather my site be an honest reflection of who I am than strictly writing posts that belong in the “niche” of my site.

J.crew got their first round of fall clothes in last week and I am dying over all the beautiful neutral and dark colors. Remember when I told you that my closet was giving me anxiety? I cleaned it out and now I want to start fresh with more classic neutral pieces.

This beautiful scalloped dress first made it’s debut at J.crew in the spring and quickly sold out. It’s back for fall and I love the simplicity of this dress in black. I picked up these staple black toothpick jeans last week before they sell out (per usual). They are so stretchy and comfortable, I have a feeling I am going to wear them to death this fall. I got these adorable Madewell boots last year and they still have them online (on sale). If you are looking for a pair of extremely comfortable ankle boots that you can wear everyday, then these are the boots for you. Take it from me, I’ve worn these everywhere and they are so comfortable.

It might be too early to think about fall clothes considering I can’t wear a majority of this until at least the end of October. Despite this, I’m excited about all the neutrals and dim colors that are finally starting to hit the shelves.





Closet Detox




Stressed? Anxious? Need to clear your head? Take an hour out of your day and do some organizing. I promise it will do wonders for your mental clarity.

I had an urge this weekend to completely gut out my closet. I used to be one of those people that would keep clothes for years and years just because I “like” them. Recently I have changed this philosophy entirely because my closet tends to give me anxiety when it is cluttered and disheveled. Now I make it a goal to clean out my closet at least twice a year.

(Maybe my viewpoint has changed from watching too many episodes of Hoarders…who knows)

I typically do not organize very often, but when I do I go balls to the walls. I get in a zone and end up wasting  spending hours on organizing. I cannot stand clutter, simply because it adds to my stress.


My closet overhaul this weekend has left me feeling more refreshed and rejuvenated!

Mission accomplished.



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Current Favs

Taking a break from the food for a minute, it’s no secret that I adore J.Crew  (not just because I work there!) I have always loved their classic and sophisticated styles year after year. Here are some of my current favorites:


 {dress: j.crew (sold out, similar here), necklace: j.crew}


{linen tees are SO comfortable in the summer: this one and this one are my favorites}


{these shoes from madewell which I am obsessed with}


{outfit that I wore here…dress: j.crew necklace: j.crew}


Hope you had a great start to your week!



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