WIAW: For The Love of Blueberries

My poor dog has the worst cabin fever lately. It’s been too hot to play with him outside during the day. We’ve been taking a lot of trips to the park early in the morning to wear him out. Yorkies really have SO much energy. He wouldn’t stop squirming when I tried to take a picture with him last weekend.

And since it’s Wednesday I couldn’t leave you without another lovely “What I Ate Wednesday” post! Thank you to Jenn over at Peas & Crayons for hosting this wonderful event. The theme of this week is blueberries, I can’t get enough of them right now. I’ve been eating them like candy. You can probably tell just how obsessed I am by the fact that I have had two back to back blueberry posts this week.




I’ve been loving these Almond Flour Blueberry Muffins as a snack. I’m amazed I actually still have some left!



That strawberry frozen yogurt I made is to die for. My significant other gave me a Cuisinart ice cream maker for Christmas last year. I know he got it for me because he knew I would like it, but I also think he secretly gave it to me so I would stop asking him to go get frozen yogurt with me 2-3 times per week! This is a simple treat that I like to make with real strawberries and greek yogurt. Recipe coming soon!



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11 Responses to WIAW: For The Love of Blueberries

  1. Leigha says:

    Everything looks fabulous, as always! I really should get an ice cream maker… going out every night isn’t nice to my wallet! Have a great Wednesday!

    • Kathryn says:

      I can sympathize with you on that one! I crave fro yo all summer long and this handy dandy ice cream maker has really saved me money!

  2. Sonja @ the {Happy} Travel Bug says:

    Yummy! Blueberry muffins and frozen yogurt!

  3. Greg says:

    That’s exactly why I got it for you…

  4. Karey @ Nutty About Health says:

    That frozen yogurt & those blueberry muffins… oh, my goodness. They look so good!! :)

  5. Kathryn says:

    Thanks so much! I couldn’t resist sharing these delicious treats!

  6. Natalie @ Lift,Sleep, Eat says:

    Love the look of everything! So pretty + delicious looking.

  7. Liz @ I Heart Vegetables says:

    Fro-yo is my weakness!!! I love it :) My boyfriend and I definitely went and got some last night!

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