I’ve ready some great blog posts this week that are definitely worth taking a look at. Here are some of my favorites: I love Elle’s Food Confessions of a Registered Dietitian over at nutritionella. It just shows that nutrition professionals are only human! Plus it makes me feel better about those margaritas and fried pickles I had… Read more »

Whenever I get together with friends, my favorite appetizer to make is always bruschetta. Its light and healthy and small enough to munch on. I usually make a traditional bruschetta with olive oil, tomatoes, and basil. When I saw this amazing recipe from Martha Stewart I knew I had to give it a try. She may be… Read more »

Today’s wonderful what I ate Wednesday (say that 3 times fast!) is brought to you by flax milk. I walked into Whole Foods a couple days ago to pick up a couple things and restock on my beloved unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Much to my surprise, they were out of stock. I tried to keep… Read more »

Whenever someone asks me what my favorite food is, I usually pause for a long time because I have to choose between all of my favorites. I don’t know why I even need to think about it because usually the answer is always pizza. I am especially fond of the crispy thin crust pizzas loaded with vegetables… Read more »

Taking a break from the food for a minute, it’s no secret that I adore J.Crew  (not just because I work there!) I have always loved their classic and sophisticated styles year after year. Here are some of my current favorites:  {dress: j.crew (sold out, similar here), necklace: j.crew} {linen tees are SO comfortable in the summer: this one and this… Read more »