TGIF friends! Before I start talking about this glorious plate of fluffy carbohydrates, I wanted to let you know that I finally set up a Facebook page for my site. You should go check it out and hit that cute little “like” button, thanks!   I love pancakes and always have. But there is something about… Read more »

Organic food is more readily available in grocery stores than ever before. Organic produce and food products were once only found in specialty stores, and now much more accessible to consumers. Have you ever caught yourself trying to decide between organic and regular produce and wonder what organic really means? In terms of chemistry, the word… Read more »

Hi friends! I’m back at it for another what I ate wednesday, this time it’s more along the lines of what I ate throughout the week. I didn’t take pictures from one specific day, but rather pictures from various days last week when I made something delicious! Here’s a look at what I’ve had lately:… Read more »

Too many summer shandys at that Memorial Day party this weekend? Need something to recharge your system? I got the perfect thing for you: green juice! I love making green juice every once in a while when I feel I need more vegetables. Please note: I drink this as a dietary supplement. I am not… Read more »

Happy Memorial Day! I had a great weekend hiking, relaxing, and drinking margaritas by the pool with Erika! Here is a weekend recap in pictures for you to enjoy:   Hiking at McDowell Mountain     Zinburger Saturday night we went to one of my favorite restaurants Zinburger. This place is known for its fresh… Read more »