10 Daily Habits of Those Who Live Mindfully

10 Daily Habits of Those Who Live Mindfully

It’s true that we never use our full mental capacities – not by a long shot – and a lot of this is due to our daily routines. Everyday habits like taking showers, making meals and brushing our teeth are no coincidence. While habits help us to function with as little thought as possible, they also take away our daily control.

It may seem impossible, but breaking out of a rut of mindless habits and making the switch to more meaningful habits can be achieved. There are many positive habits, those that can help you be more focused, happy, aware, in control throughout the day.

Learn from these 10 daily habits of those who live mindfully and free yourself from the automation of your daily life.

1. They Wake Up Earlier

Instead of waking up and starting their day on autopilot immediately, they set their alarm to wake them up a little earlier. Whether they choose to lie in bed, take a walk or have a cup of tea with their extra time, they will give themselves time to be mindful before their busy day starts.

2. They Meditate

While meditating may seem like the exact opposite of mindfulness because you’re supposed to completely clear your mind, those who live mindfully know that meditating can increase their focus. By practicing meditation and focusing on their body and breathing daily, they make mindfulness in other aspects of their life easier to achieve.

3. They Get Outdoors

There’s no better place to find inspiration and balance than outside. By taking a break from the busyness of their day and immersing themselves and their thoughts completely in nature, they can become more centered, mindful and thankful.

4. They Make Most of Idle Time

Idle time makes up a lot of our day. Whether it’s waiting in line or waiting at a traffic light, we have a lot of mental downtime each day. Instead of wasting this time, those who live mindfully use it to think about and appreciate their surroundings.

5. They Don’t Multitask

Even though our society stresses the importance of productivity and overbooking ourselves, they do one task at a time and give it all of their focus.  They know that even though they may be doing more when multi-tasking, they think less about what they’re actually doing.

6. They Take a Technology Break

More and more it seems that the world is addicted to technology. Between cell phones, laptops and every gadget in between, we play a lot of games, take countless selfies and just waste time in general. To increase mindfulness, they carve out time to step away from their technology and redirect their focus.

7. They Prepare Their Own Meals

To become mindful about the food and nutrients they’re putting into their body, they prepare their meals thoughtfully. They’re mindful throughout the entire process, from choosing the best ingredients to preparing their food in the most healthful way. This makes them appreciate what they’re eating more and stay focused on health.

8. They Enjoy Every Bite

After they’ve thoughtfully prepared their meal, they know that mindful eating is the best way to fully indulge. Being mindful while they’re eating – both of the taste and their satisfaction – can help them to truly enjoy every bite.

9. They Really Think About Exercising

A lot of people view exercise as a time to mentally check out and escape their thoughts. However, they know that exercising is the perfect time to be thoughtful, as they can really be conscious of their movements and how they’re strengthening their body.

10. They Truly Enjoy the Simple Pleasures

Every day we do countless things without ever thinking about them, out of habit or sometimes pure mental exhaustion. But being mindful of these activities, like taking a shower or lying in their bed, can make them feel like less of a chore and more of an indulgence.

We all have daily habits that get us through everyday life.  Forming habits is nothing short of a science; they’re created as a response to a cue, to meet our basic needs. Instead of letting your habits become mindless daily tasks, choose to make them thoughtful. By becoming more introspective about every movement, breath and bite, you can become more focused, aware and appreciative of each day.

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